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Food Preparation & Styling for Photographers

  • Aspire Photography Training, Cumbria The Stable Yard, Dalton Hall Burton in Kendal, Cumbria, LA6 1NJ UK (map)


If you are a photographer with a passion for food this is the ideal step for the next stage of your development as a food photographer and stylist. Joan Ransley brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm which is contagious and inspiring, she will generously share with you her many years of experience. Giving you a new found confidence and vigour. The course is designed to build your skills as a food photographer, giving you a detailed insight into how to best prepare food and produce for photography.  Everything that you learn can transfer easily into your photographic repertoire thus giving you an advantage as a creative.  This is a totally hands-on experience giving you all the confidence you seek as a budding food photographer. The knowledge you gain will transform your food photography and styling ability.  All you need for this programme is your I Phone or smart phone and a bucket full of passion for food and food photography – we will naturally provide the rest of the ingredients for your education!

Aspire Photography Training will provide the produce, aprons, knives etc for your workshop as this course is designed to be ‘hands on’ learning.

You will learn:

  • How to select the right photogenic ingredients and produce
  • How to create a visual food story that whets the appetite
  • How to prepare and dress food for photographic shoots, knife skills, styling and arranging a scene
  • How to handle produce and the importance of fresh, lasting appearances for photography
  • How to work with colour and textures
  • How to create a visual photogenic feast
  • Get to know the nature of food and how it changes over time
  • How to make your food images look great on Instagram and social media portfolios

Whether you are a keen enthusiast, blogger or professional photographer this course is an opportunity to explore how to master the art of food preparation,  the importance of the right knife and skills required when preparing food for photography and much more. This involves keen observational skills and curiosity about food.This enables the photographer to determine and take advantage of the ‘window of opportunity’ for taking a great shot of prepared food.

This course will also teach you …

  • How to prepare for a food photography shoot
  • How to handle food confidently
  • About story telling and the importance of colour and texture
  • How to work with different backgrounds
  • How to work with key textures and props
  • How to arrange food and produce within a scene

Our October Food Photography & Styling for photographers is dedicated to an autumnal feast

Beetroots and winter vegetables to test your knife skills and presentation

Winter Ottolenghi salad

Winter warming soups

Rich chocolate brownies to inspire your presentation creatively

Artisan breads for styling and cutting

This is an inspiring course for all foodie’s who seek perfection, confidence and the skills designed to enrich your knowledge as a food  photographer.

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