We are really excited to announce the publication of our first book Cooking for the Sensitive Gut (Pavilion 2016). About one in five people in the UK have symptoms of IBS and are intolerant to the foods they eat. Our book is all about what you can eat rather than what you can't. It is the perfect guide to how you can restrict the ingredients that cause you problems and still prepare a whole range of recipes that are nutritious, taste delicious and are fun to cook.

Dr Nick Read is a highly experienced gastroenterologist and has seen so many people end up becoming malnourished because of not knowing quite how to manage their diet. I have a PhD in human nutrition and was keen to find out how to create gorgeous recipes that would suit someone with a sensitive gut without risking nutritional deficiency - so together we wrote this great book.

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I have been writing about food in newspapers, magazines and websites for over ten years. I am particularly interested in writing stories and creating photo essays about people who are doing amazing things in the world of food. No matter how humble the story...a backstreet baker turning out a hundred fantastic loaves of sourdough a week from a two up two down in Bradford... that's my kind of thing... and I very proud to be a member of the Guild of Food Writers.


Is this the smallest bakery in the UK?

Jez Belsten, a fantastic baker, and his partner Lisa Fraser own a 19th century, two up two down cottage in the heart of the historic Yorkshire village of Saltaire. They were keen to set up a real bakery in their local community of well travelled, interesting, art and food loving people. Thwarted by red tape and bureaucracy they set up  a bakery at home rather than in more conventional premises. They are one of the best loved, real bakeries in Yorkshire... read below to follow their story in the Yorkshire Post Magazine.

Published December 2016.


How to find your dinner in a park

Last year I met Lisa Cutcliffe, who knocked me over with her enthusiasm for foraging in urban locations. We found witch's eggs under a tree trunk in an inner city park, and bitter cress growing in a stream and then we came across Jack by the Hedge which grows everywhere in the spring and tastes wonderful.....I learned so much from Lisa about the amazing wild food growing all around us and wrote it up as a feature for the Yorkshire Post Magazine which you can read below.... 

Published June 2016.


Yorkshire Holy Smokery, Kilnsey

This is one of my favourite stories from last year. The Kilnsey Park smokery is set in a spectacular location in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Fingerlings (young trout) are raised in the fresh clear water racing down from the hills and then smoked using aromatics inspired from the wild herbs growing in the Dales. In the 12th century the land used to be owned by the monks at Fountains Abbey who smoked food for the winter months just as today but they also traded their sheep's wool with Venetian traders... the very idea of these exotic European traders wandering around the Yorkshire Dales had me hooked. You can read more about it in the article below.

Published December 2015.


Deep inside Yorkshire's rhubarb triangle

It was 6am and minus 5 degrees centigrade when I arrived at the famous rhubarb forcing sheds near Wakefield to cover this story. The inside of the forcing sheds are almost pitch black and the lens of my freezing cold camera misted over with condensation. It was a challenge to get some good photos. But the story of how rhubarb is forced so it appears bright, pink and delicious in the shops each January is one f the UK's great great food stories which if you don't know it you can read about it here....

Published February 2014.