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Photographer and food writer

Hello. I am Joan and I have a lifelong interest in food. My first career was as a lecturer in Human Nutrition. I worked for many years at the University of Leeds both in teaching and research. I have a MMedSci and PhD in human nutrition. More recently I have become passionate about taking compelling, natural images of food, people and landscapes. This has created wonderful opportunities for me to take photographs for books, magazines and advertising. I also write about food and the people who grow and produce it. I am an accomplished cook and food stylist with experience of developing, testing and writing recipes. I am based in the beautiful town of Ilkley, West Yorkshire and work on location around the UK. 


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If you’re interested in working together, whether it involves cooking, writing, photography or content creation, do get in touch T: 07954796616

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Pavilion Books

John Julian Design

Doves Farm

Delicious. magazine

The Guardian

The Yorkshire Post

Yakult, UK

Bettys & Taylors, Harrogate

Kinsey Park Estate, N. Yorks

The Courtyard Dairy, Settle, N.Yorks


High Street TV

The School of Artisan Food

Ceres PR




2017    Finalist -Food Snapping. Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year

2016    3rd Place - Food Snapping. Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year

2016    Finals - International Garden Photographer of the Year

2015    2nd Place - An Apple a Day. Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year

2014    3rd Place - Food For Celebration.